About Us

About Us

Who Is Klikflor?

Klikflor are UK manufacturers of floor tiles. Unlike most of our competitors who are not manufacturers and source their products from other countries, Klikflor is an ISO certified manufacturer and we design, produce, package and deliver your products. In other words, we have total control of the entire operation ensuring that there is less room for error.

We have been supplying satisfied customers in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal and the Americas for over 21 years now, and you can find our tiles all across the world in manufacturing facilities, MOT centres, garages, hotels, swimming pools, pit stops and even airports.

Our manufacturing facility is based in Bedfordshire and uses a fully automated process where plastic pellets are melted down and moulded using one of our 4 injection moulding machines. We have two robotic arms that are used to carry the tiles from the injection moulding machine to a cooling rack, and then they are transported to a pallet. At this point they are quality checked against our stringent standards, and either shipped out or stored in our warehouse for later use.

Our raw material is sourced from a European PVC manufacturer with very reputable credentials in the field. Any products that use recycled material use the material sourced from our internal recycling process. We recycle unused/off-cut tiles by grinding them into pellets and melting them down.

Our team of engineers are very qualified, allowing us to offer an advantage over our competitors. Our products have been designed, coloured and textured in accordance to your application. All of our design choices offer more than just aesthetics, which is why we win awards for our innovative manufacturing techniques.

Klikflor is a tradename of Ecotile Flooring Ltd who are ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited. We keep high levels of stock to ensure quick delivery because we know once you place your order you want to start installation as soon as possible.

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