Car Detailing Products You Need for Your Garage

Car Detailing Products You Need for Your Garage

Car Detailing is the art of restoring and apply the finishing touches to a car to make it look fresh and brand new. Whether you’re a petrolhead looking to visually tune up your ride or a business owner wanting to ensure a high-quality service. It’s important to decide the best car detailing products for your set up. Let’s have a look:

car detailing products you need

1. Specialist Cleaning Products

To summarise, your cleaning products should clean and protect a car’s surfaces in order to be efficient. The main car detailing product range consists of polishes, shampoos, soaps, waxes and sealants (we’ll get back to the latter two later on). Depending on the interior, you may need specific car detailing products for certain materials. For example, with leather, you may need to use a leather protector as finish. Picking the right ones usually consist of how much detail you’re going into, the ingredients and what you’re using it on. The optimal products you are looking for are ones that eradicate contaminants, whilst not being so harsh on an exterior or interior car surface to damage it.

2. Hand Cleaning Products

Before we move on to more hi-tech car detailing products you may want to consider. It’s always good to have trusty, good ol’ fashioned hand cleaners at the ready. Whilst sponges have highly absorbent qualities when giving a moderate clean to a vehicle, they can also leave light scratches in more sensitive areas. If you’re looking for a lighter touch, you can always invest in microfiber towels. Not only are they great at cleaning but are also great at drying surfaces as well. Brushes are also a smart investment for any car detailer. These are great for areas that require more thorough cleaning such as cleaning rims, inside and behind wheels, as well as engine bays. Detailers should invest in a range of different brushes for areas of a car.

For example, wheel woollies are great car detailing products for wheels because they reach inside tight areas and provide an effective clean that other cleaning products may struggle to do so. For car interiors, you should use more acute brushes for cleaning so they don’t damage upholstery.

3. Vacuum Cleaner

Car detailing products don’t come any more essential than a vacuum cleaner. Whilst cleaning the interior, there will be times where brushing and shampooing a surface simply won’t do justice! Especially for hard-to-reach spaces inside a vehicle. Things to consider when acquiring a vacuum cleaner are suction power and versatility. It may seem like a smart investment to get one of those portable, mains-free cleaners that you can carry in one hand, but they lack in suction power. What would be more beneficial is a high-power vacuum cleaner with interchangeable nozzles. You may not be able to carry it around as easily, but you’ll have an easier time removing stubborn dirt. Not to mention having a variety of ways to handle more difficult interior areas.

4. Water Hoses and Air Blowers made specifically for car detailing

These are not your ordinary water hoses and air blowers, but specialised, HIGH-POWER, HIGH-OCTANE SUPER WATER HOSES AND AIR BLOWERS! Alright, we kid. 90’s super soaker ad motifs aside, specialist car detailing products like these are not an essential requirement. However, they are highly effective at speeding up your workflow. Detailing water hoses shoot out a pressurised water stream that eradicates any dirt and contaminants on a car’s surface with ease, providing an easier and more precise way of getting rid of harmful mess on a vehicle.

Next up is the Air Blower. Now, in essence, the blower is more or less the same as the water hose in terms of method and use. It shoots out compressed air to dry out more intricate areas, as well the whole exterior of a vehicle. A unique selling point of the air blower is that it can blow away any contaminants near electrical points of a vehicle i.e. areas where contact with water could seriously damage internal components.

5. Wax/Sealant

You want to make that great detailing job last, don’t you? A good car wax and sealant are the finishing touches to any car detailing job. The right car wax not only gives a vehicle a showroom shine but also gives extra protection against contaminants like dirt. If you’re look for longevity in the protection of your detailing job, you want to choose a high quality sealant over wax. Fortunately, there are car detailing products that combine wax and sealant enhancing both the visual and protective qualities in one.

6. Polishing Machine

We’re not going to beat around this bush on this one. Hand-polishing a car is hard work! Not to mention, hand-polishing can lead to inconsistent detail. It’s not going to be a good look when yours or your customer’s car has blotchy areas on the surface. Investing in a polishing machine is a smart choice. A key thing to consider when picking one is ease of use. You don’t want a car detailing product that is either too cumbersome or difficult to control. The whole idea is to make the process smoother after all (no pun intended).

And last but definitely not least…

7. Motorsport Car Detailing Floor Tiles

We have engineered our own specialist floor tile for car detailers. Made with an aesthetically sound, built-in drainage and ventilation hybrid system, liquids simply drain through the tile to the surface below and evaporate effectively. Perfect for saving you from a moping job on top of your car detailing one. Designed with an easy setup in mind, our detailing floor tiles simply attach and detach without the need of tools and adhesives. Great for area plan switchups, and more importantly, saving you time to focus on giving a showroom finish!


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