Case Study – Atlantic Contract Interiors

The flooring on a cruise ship has to meet a huge range of criteria including safety, durability, smart appearance, resistance to salt water and other harsh environmental conditions and value for money. When we were approached by Atlantic Contract Interiors to supply the sports court on the MV Arcadia we realised that our Multisport interlocking tiles would provide the perfect surface for the ship’s passengers to play tennis, basketball and many other court games on.

One of the challenges the maintenance team of a cruise ship such as the MV Arcadia faces is the extremely tight timeframe they have to get everything done. The existing sports court was a soft rubber material which is glued to the deck so it is time consuming to remove it and make the surface good enough to receive a new floor covering. We were able to install our Multisport tiles over the existing rubber court and apply the court markings in three days which was a huge advantage for Atlantic Contract Interiors.
When playing sports, it is important that the surface of the floor is smooth, even and comfortable to play on. The sheer amount of running, jumping, twisting and turning involved with most sports, can place a great strain on an athlete’s joints. The anti-fatigue features of Ecotile’s sports flooring creates a “sprung floor” effect easing any strain on back and joints. In addition, the anti-slip characteristics of the tile are excellent and the small drainage holes are a huge advantage on a ship where excess surface water could easily prevent use of the court if it wasn’t able to drain away.

“We’re delighted with the performance of the Multisport tiles on the MV Arcadia, the anti-slip properties and drainage facility make it far superior to anything else we’ve used to create sports courts in this environment. The fact they could be installed so quickly was another huge advantage and we’ll definitely be using Multisport on our other ships as they need refurbishing”.
Chris Head, Designer at Atlantic Contract Interiors

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