The alternative garage flooring tile ideal for car detailing and specialist vehicle centres.

Give cars the ultimate finish with our flooring for car detailing!

Our Motorsport Car Detailing Flooring Tile is manufactured with self-draining channels that allow for water on the surface to drain through and provide exceptional airflow for the surface below. Perfect for those intense cleaning and car detailing jobs!

Easy to maintain, car detailing flooring.

Made with Polypropylene, Our tiles for car detailing are UV stabilised so they can withstand high temperatures, sunlight and extreme weather. Additional non-staining qualities make the tile easy to clean, with simple use of water and and a wipe.

Easy to Install. All Killer, No Filler!

Just like our K490 Tiles, Our Motorsport Car Detailing Tiles have been built with an interlocking system so they fit and unfit with ease. No need for special tools and equipment. Set up your garage in a matter of hours!

Flooring for Car Detailing 4
Flooring for Car Detailing 5

Clip On/Off Design. No tools or adhesives required.

UV and Colorstabilised.

Heat, Sun, Cold and Snow Resistant.

multisport-flooring graphite car detailing

Self-Draining Ventilation System.

Low Maintenance.

Easy to Clean.

Why Choose Klikflor?

All Klikflor Car Detailing Flooring Tiles have been manufactured with a built-in slotting mechanism. Meaning our tiles simply fit together without the need for special tools or adhesives, and can be uplifted and reused when needed. This is ideal for car detailing services that need a quick turnaround without stopping their services.

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