Garage Floor Covering

Garage Floor Coverings

Here’s the deal:

Ever wondered how to find the best garage floor covering?

Car, Motorcycle and Bike culture continues to grow as does the need for a savvy space to store them all. It’s true – A garage done right can provide you with a worthy space to park your awe-inspiring means of transportation.

Not only this, it’s a space to get the all-important mechanical work done or perhaps just get away from the rest of the clique for a while.

Bottom line, your garage is going to take a lot of abuse from the varying weather, oil leaks, chemical spills and muddy tyres rolling in after a four hour drive through the country roads.  Unfortunately, it’s the floor that takes the beating.

Think About It…

If you’re serious about maintaining a decent garage, a suitable garage floor covering cannot be overlooked.

Good News!

You don’t have to do all the research to decide which garage floor option is best for you. As it turns out, we have done all the hard work for you.  So here is the low down:

There are two major garage floor options. Garage floor coatings or Garage floor coverings; both of which can look great, but how do you figure out which one is best for you?

Evaluate your time, space and ability

If you have little time to spare, have no space to move the entire contents of your garage into and don’t feel like you would do a good job at spreading a mixture smoothly across the face of your entire garage three times then you do not need a coating.

You need a garage floor covering to avoid time wasting. But, how do you find the right one?

You don’t, we do. I promise you that Klikflor is what you need. Here’s why…

Improve your garage in hours

Our customers have been able to transform their garage into a dream come true with our garage floor covering in just a few hours. You can do the same and here’s why:

•    Klikflor can be installed over concrete, uneven surfaces and require little to no preparation.
•    Klikflor clicks together like a puzzle and installation requires no specialist tools.
•    Klikflor does not need to be glued down in 95% of cases.
•    Klikflor can be fitted without clearing the room. See our installation guide

That’s not all…

Our garage floor solutions are the most durable on the market. They are capable of withstanding vehicles as big as a fire engine without breaking a sweat. Never mind garage storage cabinets!

•    Klikflor’s garage floor tiles are tried and tested in industrial factories and warehouses
•    Klikflor does not dent, warp or damage under vehicle pressure
•    Klikflor is available in different thicknesses depending on your application.

Garage Flooring

How to spend less on garage flooring

Epoxy resin and painted garage floors require substantial maintenance. Epoxy tends to crack, scratch and stain easily. You will need to grind down your entire floor and thoroughly clean it in order to apply a new coat.

Garage floor paint usually flakes and the floor has to be repainted (on average once a year). They crack, peel and damage over time thanks to the moisture and wear and tear caused by day to day activity.

The cost of maintaining, replacing and repainting your floor every other year adds up.

Klikflor is a one off investment and lasts for up to 20 Years!

You won’t need to pay any more than retail price for a garage floor covering that is going to endure whatever you throw at it and still look great. Klikflor has an average lifespan of 20 Years.

If you do need to cover up some damage or a scuff – you can pop up the victimised tile and replace it with a new one in less than a minute.

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