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Interlocking Logo Tiles

Custom Logos and visuals in your floor

Custom Logo Tiles are becoming increasingly popular in home Garages and Gyms (especially our car insignias and badges)

They are a particularly impressive way to show your love and affinity for a particular brand or style. When combining logo tiles with our wide variety of colours and textures the possibilities are endless.

Logo on the floor

How do we do it

We can incorporate any logo, text or image you require into your floor tiles permanently using CNC water/laser jet cutting machinery.

We use an advanced technique to form high quality visuals into your floor. The logo tiles are so reliable they are even used to signal demarcation zones, safety areas and important notices in industrial environments.


How much will it cost me?

Due to the extensive range of sizes and colours we offer, the price of logo tiles can vary.  This all depends on the size of your imagery and how complicated it is. Some logos are printed over a span of four tiles, others are printed over 20! It’s entirely up to you on the size, but of course we cannot list accurate prices at this present moment in time. If you are interested in Logo tiles, please enquire at info@klikflor.com or call one of our experts on 01274599258 who can arrange an accurate quote for you.

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