Interlocking Floor Tiles vs Epoxy Resin

Interlocking Floor Tiles vs Epoxy Resin

28th October 2016

Are you considering repainting your garage floor? Klikflor is harder wearing, cleaner, longer lasting and kinder on the knees than a hard epoxy or painted floor.

Remember that Klikflor can be laid over any hard surface, even uneven old or dusty garage floors without the need for glue. Simple DIY installation, no special tools required.

When we began promoting Klikflor garage flooring as the sustainable alternative to epoxy resin flooring 20 years ago, it is fair to say that we were at the vanguard of the Circular Economy and somewhat on the fringes of the UK industrial flooring market.

Today our unique interlocking flooring technology, that allows us to remove and recycle our old tiles and use them to produce the next generation of Klikflor, puts us right at the very forefront of this new wave of modern business thinking.

Unlike epoxy resin that must be broken up and thrown into landfill Klikflor industrial flooring can simply be removed and re-used time and time again. We do this by regrinding the used tiles in to tiny pieces of plastic that can be fed back in to our injection moulding machines.

4 tiles cover just under 1m², if the floor is uneven the exact area covered may vary slightly. We recommend you order in-between 2% and 4% extra tiles to allow for cutting wastage and to cover any fluctuations. For example if you need 20 metres (80 tiles) order 21 metres or 84 tiles.

For detailed information on our range of interlocking floor tiles, installation guides etc. please visit Klikflor.

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