K490 Sample - Coaster

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Klikflor Design Tool

See how the K490 looks & feels.

We know that it's extremely difficult to imagine how your new floor would look and perform so we want to make it easier for you.
We've designed this coaster sized sample that allows you to see how the interlocking joint works, how a tile feels, and how both colour options look in real life. Pull apart the tile and put it back together to see how strong our interlocking joints really are.
This miniature K490 is hand crafted, rounded at the edges and doubles up as the perfect coaster for your warm cup of tea or coffee. 
What you get for £1:
  • 1 x Coaster Sized Sample
  • Completely FREE next day shipping! (if you order before 2PM)
  • A Klikflor brochure with included discount code. 
Just add one of these to your basket, simply checkout and receive your sample the next day! 
Please note as the sample is hand milled, the overal joint finish will differ slightly from that of a moulded tile  (the colour, texture and strength of the tile will be accurately represented)



Surface Texture / Finish: Smooth Texture

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