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Flooring for Garages and Workshops - Ramp Sections

Do I need a ramp?

Functionality is the first and foremost reason for designing our interlocking Ramps. They are put together with your application in mind and are strong selling point when considering flooring for garages and workshops. They create an attractive and practical finish to any garage,workshop or gym. The ramps are manufactured to interlock in the same way our tiles do in order to create a safe edge for pedestrians/vehicles to move on and off the floor. 

Consider our ramps when choosing flooring for garages/workshops:

The ramp sections are the most affined and easiest solution we offer to create safe doorways and ramp access. It is common to cut tiles using a jigsaw or concave blade leaving the edge of the tiles exposed in doorways: this can cause damage to your tiles. Every time a vehicle drives through a garage door, it will directly hit the edge of the tile and eventually cause damage. It is simply not practical to leave the edges of tiles exposed in doorways.

We manufacture these ramps in order to create a safe and gradual entrance into garages and free standing areas. Instead of hitting the edge of the tile, vehicles can be eased onto the floor safely and smoothly and the risk of pedestrian trips is diminished. When chosing flooring for garages/workshops, the first and foremost thing you should consider is practicality. 

Whats the difference between K490 & 7mm Ramps?

Our K490 variation is a cheaper option when considering flooring for garages. Klikflor K490 tiles are used in the exact same applications as our standard 7 mm products. The k490’s are just as thick, but are 10 mm smaller in size (49 cm by 49 cm) than our other tiles. They are made with 30-50% recyclable material, are great for the environment and look remarkable when installed.

The K490 tiles are lightly embossed with a snake skin like texture and are available in blue and grey.

Please NOTE: These tiles do not fit together with our other variants of tiles but are loose laid in the same fashion 

Applications: Flooring for garages, workshops or gyms
Surface Texture / Finish: Flat textured
Dimensions / Size: 120mm deep
Availability / Delivery: Ex-Stock from our factory. Delivery usually 2 to 3 days from order. Next day delivery available subject to an additional delivery surcharge

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