Lifestyle Flooring Installation Guide

The instructions on this page should give you a rough idea about the ease of installation and the tools required. Alternatively you can print or download the PDF version of the instructions below.

7 Tiles = 1 m2
380 mm x 380 mm Single Tile
Single Tile 380 mm x 380 mm

Tools Required

There is no need for glue or special tools when laying Ecotile Lifestyle. All you need is a rubber mallet and perhaps a yardstick and a saw. The tiles connect together with small protruding rings. Always face the protruding rings the same way (forward).

Install Klikflor Lifestyle With Portruding Rings
Installing From The Corner Of The Room

Starting Point

Fix the tiles together leaving a small expansion gap of 5-10mm. Start from the corner of the area and work your way down following the same pattern. Remember, walls aren’t always straight so double check your wall before you use it as a reference point.

Cuts & Finishing

When you reach objects or walls, you can cut the tiles with a jigsaw or the like.

Cable Strip

Concealing Cables

If you want to conceal cables underneath the floor, you can lay cable strips between tiles. Cable strips are 377 x 55mm.

Buy Cable Strips >

Still need help?

If you still need help with installation, just get in touch. We also have our own installation team available so you can arrange installation or find out more about Lifestyle’s installation process by calling us on 01274 599 258.

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