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Klikflor Design Tool

The Original Loose Lay Interlocking Tile 

The 7mm thick interlocking tile manufactured by Klikflor is the original heavy duty tile in our selection. With 7 colours available, the 7mm makes for the most complete flooring solution for durability as well as originality.

Dimensions – Tile: 500mm x 500mm x 7mm

The unique thickness of the tile ensures that even heavy duty applications are easy to withstand.  The 7mm tile is built to withstand high point loading, impact and vibration. We use the 7mm tile here at our manufacturing plant, where three fork lift trucks are driving over them all day long. Klikflor is tried and tested in all industrial environments including warehouses, factories and heavy duty workshops.

With all this said, you can rest assured that the 7mm interlocking tile has the ability to endure anything you can throw at it. Therefore, this product is the number one choice for garage flooring.

Key Benefits Of Klifklor Garage Flooring

  • Tightly fitted joints.
  • Can be installed over damaged/uneven surfaces.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Loose lay - movable.
  • Great at hiding marks and blemishes.
  • Proven in industrial environments.
  • Recyclable.
  • Four tiles per square meter.
  • No specialist tools required.
  • Extremely durable – 20 Years life span.

The original open joint design allows dovetails on every tile to interlock with each other leaving no room for movement. The strengthening design allows the tiles to support up to 3.5 tonne unladen weight which makes it perfect for parking your vehicles on.

Suitable for

  • Gym Flooring
  • Garage flooring
  • Workshop Flooring
  • Office Flooring
  • Shop Flooring​

Smooth Embossed Texture Ensures Anti-Slip Properties

Smooth textured tiles are very popular in typical residential garages and gyms as they create a flat and elegant surface area to park your vehicle/s on.  The tiles are embossed with a very light orange peel texture so that they have the indispensable anti-slip properties but still look remarkable. Like all of our floor products, the smooth textured 7mm tiles use a dovetail joint so they can be installed satisfyingly quickly with no expertise required.


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If you are installing tiles in areas exposed to direct sunlight (south facing garages) It is vital that you bond the tiles to the floor using adhesive. The tiles expand slightly when hit by direct sunlight which can cause them to lose shape and move.   


Applications: Heavy duty internal flooring application including commercial and domestic garage flooring, workshop flooring, warehouse flooring, sports & gym floors, shop & retail flooring, office floors, exhibitions stand floors etc.
Surface Texture / Finish: Embossed - A slightly rippled surface finish that is easy to clean. Is an excellent anti-slip finish (R10 Slip rating)
Dimensions / Size: 50cm x 50cm x 7mm (Can differ from 6.3mm or above depending on batch)
Material / Hardness: Flexible PVC / 90 to 92 Shore A Hardness
Weight / Kgs: 2.28 kgs per tile / 9.1 kgs per m²
Availability / Delivery: Ex-Stock from our factory. Delivery usually 2 to 3 days from order. Next day delivery available subject to an additional delivery surcharge
Accessories: Ramps and corner sections for finishing up at door ways, skirting for finishing around the junction of the floor and the walls, Floor logos including car insignia and warning signs, Cleaning and maintenance kits

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