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At Klikflor, we believe that every flooring problem has a solution. The Klikflor Lifestyle System 2 is an alternative tile that can solve any remaining floor problems that our K490 tile might not be able too. This tile has multifunctional properties and can be used to solve both indoor and outdoor flooring problems. It’s perfect for storerooms, terraces and balconies, but is also a great choice for garage flooring. This tile has been described by many as “the anywhere tile”.

Use the Lifestyle Tiles when:

  • Self Draining Flooring - Particularly suited to floors that get wet on a regular basis such as car washes
  • Non-Staining Flooring - If you wish to use light colours in your garage and wish to avoid the issues with rubber car tyre staining.

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The Klikflor Lifestyle System 2 tile has been specifically designed to serve as a durable garage flooring product, but is also the perfect outdoor flooring system. The self-draining tile uses a channel structure that allows maximum drainage, and excellent airflow which makes it resistant to rain, snow and harsh sunlight. This tile is the ideal choice for outdoor flooring. 

The tile supports rolling loads of up to 500ton/m2 and has been tried and tested in many heavy duty applications. This is why the easy to lay, fully recyclable system is the perfect candidate to join our garage flooring range.  Just like all of our tiles, System 2 is practically maintenance-free and is easy movable.

How do I install System 2 in my Garage, Storeroom or Cellar?

Just like the K490, there is no need for glue or special adhesives when installing System 2. A rubber mallet is perfect for the job. They are easily cut to fit with a hacksaw or electric jigsaw. They can easily be removed using a tile lifter tool, and refitted in a new area. Click here to see the installation guide.

How to install bergo garage flooring

How do I maintain this floor?

The system 2 is great for saving masses of time and effort when cleaning up your workshop or garage. The self-draining design means that liquids and dust don’t collect on the surface of the tiles, and any dust that gathers beneath the tiles is easily vacuumed. The tile can be washed down with normal household detergent and a rinse. If a floor tile becomes damaged or unusable, it can be popped up and easily replaced - even when used as an outdoor flooring product. 

Sizes and packaging:

The System 2 floor tiles measure 380 x 380 x 10.1mm (7 tiles per m/2 ). Edges and corners can be found here. 

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