Workshop Flooring

Workshop Flooring


Whether you’re an engineer, mechanic or you just love spending time in your workshop, you don’t want to walk into a cold concrete room. There are plenty of floor options available that can breathe new life into your workshop, but no other like Klikflor. Our workshop floor tiles are smart, durable and attractive so you can finally create the working surface you deserve.

Why is Klikflor the most efficient floor tile in Europe?

We manufacture and supply premium workshop flooring in our production plant based in the UK.  Unlike our competitors, Klikflor is built from the ground up. We manufacture, pick, package and process your order, ensuring complete control and quality throughout. No cost cutting.


A durable, low maintenance floor is an important element to any workshop. Your floor should look attractive and provide you with a cost effective tough surface. Our workshop flooring is an efficient option because it can be installed without specialist tools, requires very little maintenance, and lasts for up to 20 years.

Strong & Durable

Our  flooring is built to withstand anything you can throw at it – and we can prove it. Blue chip organisations like Royal Mail & Rolls Royce use our tiles in their factories and warehouses. Most of their buildings have fork lifts and machinery operating on a 24 hour basis. Klikflor is designed to meet industrial safety standards, has great slip resistant properties and lasts for decades.

Bespoke Solutions

Build your dream workshop your way. We manufacture tiles in several different colours, so you can create bespoke designs that suit your needs. Using a water jet, we can cut any logo, shape or design into your floor tiles. We also print them, but cutting them is a far more durable option that will ensure your logo never wears away like traditional inks do.

Do It Yourself

It’s not rocket science! Our interlocking workshop flooring is so easy to install it can be done in hours, not days. The tiles are tapped together using a mallet and require no special tools or adhesives. The dovetail joints ensure your floor never moves around. When the time comes to replace or remove your floor, simply pop the tiles up and your existing substrate will be in tact.


Klikflor can be installed without downtime. You don’t need to empty out your workshop, take up the existing floor or wait for anything to dry. The tiles fit together like a jigsaw, so they can be laid in small sections and furniture can be moved around whilst installation takes place.


Klikflor is the UK’s premier workshop flooring solutions company and we have established an unrivalled reputation for product quality, expertise and customer service. Klikflor is a world leader in the manufacture, supply and installation of interlocking floor tiles. We have invested heavily in the design and development of our products to create a range of tough, low maintenance, environmentally friendly and extremely durable workshop flooring. Our tiles are ideal for busy commercial garages, showrooms and MOT centres.

Klikflor has been designed to be loose laid and can withstand very heavy loads; the tiles are exceptionally hard-wearing and suitable for use with cars, motorcycles and heavy goods vehicles. Heavy equipment such as engine hoists, jacks, machinery and car lifts can be used on the tiles. They have excellent resistance to almost all commonly used oils, lubricants and chemicals.

Over 50 million square feet of Klikflor has already been installed and is in daily use.

Also available in...

Blue K490 1024 x 1024

Dark Blue

Black K490 1024 x 1024


Features and Benefits

Tightly Fitted Joints

Install Over Damaged Surfaces

Made In The UK

Fast Delivery

No Specialist Tools

Extremely Durable

Chemical Resistant

Heavy Duty

How do you install the K490 tile?

Klikflor can be installed over any hard surface and in most situations will not require adhesive. We only recommend gluing the tiles down in areas where the floor will be exposed to sunlight (south facing loading bay). If you are not sure if you require adhesives, you can call our team for technical advice. No specialist tools are required as the tiles can be fitted together with a tap of a mallet. The tiles must be allowed to acclimatise for a minimum of 24 hours to the ambient room temperature prior to installation. A 5mm expansion gap must be left between the tiles and any fixed objects or walls to allow expansion and contraction of the tiles when changes in temperature occur.

Preparation: The best part about Klikflor is the lack of preparation needed. Sweep or vacuum the floor and fill any large holes with a rapid setting floor repair compound. You can contact us if you are not sure about preparation.

How do I cut the tiles?

  • Stanley / utility knife with concave blade (we recommend you cut the tiles when they are warm)
  • Electric jig saw
  • Table saw
  • Band saw (with a timber blade)
  • Magnum shear guillotine.

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