Interlocking Garage Tiles

Your Garage Deserves Klikflor - DIY Garage Flooring

Quick Garage FlooringA couple of hours, not a couple of days!

Can’t wait to transform your garage into a dream come true?  Don’t really want to leave your car outside for a few days while you’re hard at work? Choose Klikflor for garage flooring and all your uncertainties will be put to rest.  Klikflor’s fully modular click together tile design allows for a stunning garage floor to be installed in just a couple of hours, never mind days!

Modular FlooringFully Modular?

Every floor tile uses a smart & robust dovetail joint which allows them to be easily clicked together. Our garage flooring can be quickly and efficiently installed directly on top of your old floor. Adhesives and screeds are not required, which means that individual areas can be replaced or repaired with little to no effort.  Tiles are available in a variety of colours which allows you to create custom designs in your garage. Chequered garage flooring is increasingly popular in homes and is certain to impress anyone who sees it!

Moveable FlooringTake it with you

Don’t worry about moving house or changing your garage, it won’t cost you anymore than it did in the first place! You can easily remove your garage flooring and install the tiles elsewhere in the exact same way. No matter where you move, you can still park in style.

Anti Slip FlooringSlip Resistant 

Klikflor’s garage flooring is suitable for use in areas where there is an increased risk of slipping due to grease, oil or water. All tiles are rated R10 with a low slip potential so you needn’t worry about slippery floors in your garage.

Durable Garage FlooringNo marks, No Paint Cracks, No Damage

With paint, epoxy resin and concrete flooring, constant problems arise; painted floors often crack, flake and can cause your expensive and high maintenance floor to appear cheap. Concrete floors can stain, crack and can be hard to clean. If you want your garage floor to look stylish and well maintained, it’s a good idea to cover it with a solution that is easily repaired and cleaned. Klikflor is the prime example of a low maintenance tile choice for garage flooring.

DIY Garage Flooring​Easy DIY installation

Being an expert in DIY is neither here nor there when it comes to Klikflor. You can do it yourself no matter how clued up you are. It’s just as complicated as putting a jigsaw together, except it’s garage flooring! No special tools or intensive research is required because we’ve done it all for you! All you need is the tiles, a mallet and your ready to install your garage floor immediately.

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